Project: Boosting Business Support to SMEs through setting up Mobile Fair and innovative Services in the cross-border territory

Project Team


The CB area exhibits depopulation trends and includes businesses that are deprived and isolated in both countries, as manifested by some statistics figures for the regions. There is a trend of rising poverty rates and high unemployment rates, as a consequence of this labour market breakdown. The prevailing economic situation shows that services and financial access to agricultural producers and small enterprises is very limited across both sides of the border. Another major problem faced by businesses in the project regions is the lack of opportunity to participate in large exhibitions, as these are organized in large urban and business centers, and there are not the available resources and human resources to take place. Also, the project areas are not strong financial centers so they do not have such a strong infrastructure and state support. This project can significantly contribute to the elimination of this phenomenon and enable very small companies to participate in trade fairs.

The main objective of the FAIR FOR ALL project is the empowerment of entrepreneurship and SMEs providing the opportunity to participate in fairs and exhibitions without the preparation and the cost-expenses required at global exhibitions. SMEs through networking and an extrovert export strategy dramatically increase the possibility of business survival and viability.

At the same time the project’s platform will provide tools and support to all SMEs, while the participation in fairs mainly favors-benefits commercial businesses, especially in the food, agriculture, textile, handicrafts and agri-food sectors. The two GR and BG partners (chambers) will purchase mobile equipment for the fairs and will organize local mobile fairs in both the areas of their activity. It would be ideal for exhibitors from both countries to participate in each fair-exhibition in order to increase the business extroversion and see with a different perspective the expansion to new markets abroad. The fairs will be co-organized with the partner from the other cross border area and will be conducted with some events. Parallel to the fairs some local events will be organized such as joint B2B meetings, seminars on Financial tools, Business support possibilities etc. (typical activities of the chambers).

The other two partners (NGOs/Universities/Research Centers) will conduct a study about the needs in the area concerned (best practices in 3 EU countries about local exhibitions could be examined) and will give solutions about best effective way of the organization of the mobile fairs (sectors, timing, duration, marketing). As a result it is expected that the two mobile fairs will be able not only during the project but also after it to deliver to small enterprises and local producers following services:

  • Support for better market of their products/services during the fairs.
  • Promotion of products in new markets through new distribution channels.
  • Participation in local events (B2B meetings, seminars etc.).
  • Business cooperation with the other side of the border.
  • Presence on the website of the project.
  • Stimulation of the cross border trade (GR-BG).

The project aims at equipping two mobile fairs/expo-centers and to ensure their operation in order to stimulate business development in the cross border region. Primary direct beneficiaries of the initiative are small companies participating at fairs, as exhibitors or at Programmes and business meetings. Indirect beneficiaries are all persons, who will be able to get jobs or extra incomes thanks to the development of economical and trading partnerships in the areas concerned, or just simply get information and share experiences. Further on, long-term activities will be planned to be organized based on results of the project.


The general purpose of the program is to upgrade the interested areas through financial support and the creation of cooperative actions between the two neighboring countries of Greece and Bulgaria. The invigoration of the weakened economies of the specific areas will contribute to the general improvement of the living standard of the inhabitants. The aims of the FAIR FOR ALL project are fully in line with the aims and objectives of the program invitation. These areas face a serious problem because local businesses do not have the opportunity to participate in actions and exhibitions that are mostly held in large financial centers. Exhibition participation is a very important promotional tool for local businesses in the effort to increase turnover, consolidate in new markets and strengthen its brand name.

The aim of the FAIR FOR ALL project is to procure the appropriate equipment so that it can organize mobile exhibitions in the project areas, giving the opportunity to local entrepreneurs to develop and promote their products.The project aims at a multifaceted and universal reinforcement of local entrepreneurship. In fact, the exhibitions can be held with exhibitors from both countries so that there is the possibility for development of collaborations and promotion in new markets. Also, the parallel actions of the project will offer local entrepreneurs useful business tools as well as various channels for promotional activities (exhibitions, platform, website, project advertising, social). FAIR FOR ALL will offer many benefits at different levels, beyond the financial sector, which is the primary demand. Finally, with the purchase of equipment it will be possible to continue these activities and have significant results after the end of the project.


The FAIR FOR ALL project aims at equipping two mobile fairs /expo-centers and to ensure their operation in order to stimulate business development in the cross border region. As a result it is expected that the two mobile fairs will be able not only during the project but also after it to deliver to small enterprises and local producers following services:

  • Financial benefits from the agreements during the exhibitions.
  • Better marketplaces for their products/services.
  • High traffic and significant prominence-exposure in local media.
  • Different consumer-target group in each exhibition.
  • Promotion of products in new markets through new distribution channels.
  • Participation in local events (B2B meetings, seminars etc.).
  • Business cooperation with the other side of the border in various fields.
  • Presence on the website of the project.
  • Reinforcement of the cross border trade GR BG.

Among the secondary outputs of the project are the following: strengthening of the chambers, improvement of the membership base, meetings, conferences, statistical data collection and analysis of economic situation and exchange of experience.

It is clear that the results that will emerge are in line with the philosophy of the program, as they will contribute to the empowerment of local entrepreneurs and the development of the economy, especially in the cross-border area.


The results of the FAIR FOR ALL project are very important and will contribute to the development of the regions in various ways. The organization of trade fairs will help strengthen local businesses and increase the commercial activity of the project areas, offering an overall financial support to the areas concerned in both countries. Strengthening the local economy will help tackle unemployment, support the primary sector and other problems that beset the municipalities due to the economic crisis of recent years, which has worsened due to the pandemic. The organization of the exhibitions will attract a large number of visitors and participants from the surrounding areas. These visitors will be a financial injection for the local businesses of the exhibition areas. In addition to the immediate economic benefits, the exhibition is a prime opportunity to highlight the beauty and natural wealth of the areas, in order to attract tourist inflows of alternative tourism.

Thus, the organization of exhibitions can offer greater benefits to local communities than the immediate results during exhibitions and side events. Also, the continuous promotion of exhibitions and exhibitors through electronic platforms and social media will be an advertisement and a tourist promotion tool for the program areas.The empowerment of local entrepreneurs will increase their extroversion and capacity by creating commercial activity, exports and increasing jobs, creating an ever-increasing trend in the Greek and Bulgarian economy.


  • Project Partner 1 (Lead Partner): Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Xanthi (Greece)
  • Project Partner 2: Regional Industrial Association – Smolyan (Bulgaria)
  • Project Partner 3: Thessaloniki Tourism Organisation (Greece)
  • Project Partner 4: Regional Chamber of Skilled Crafts – Smolyan (Bulgaria)
  • Project Partner 5: Federation of Professionals-Craftsmen and Traders of Xanthi (Greece)


WP1: Management & Coordination

In this work package the Lead Beneficiary will be responsible for the entire management of the physical and financial object and the technical meetings of the program. The other beneficiaries will be responsible for their cooperation and synergy for the qualitative goals and costs of the project within the implementation deadlines.

WP2: Communication & Dissemination

In this work package the following actions will be performed:

  • The elaboration of a Communication Plan
  • The production of communication material and tools
  • Design and development of a website – social media pages
  • Awareness Events reports
  • A final conference

WP3: Current Status Analysis – Assessment & Tools

In this work package the following actions are included:

  • Analysis of current situation, needs of small businesses, existing fairs, expo’s and national and EU legislation (PB2)
  • Development of a guide and strategic plan to use mobile fairs to simulate local business development (PB5)
  • Methodology tool for identifying export prospects (LB)

WP4: Empowering business capabilities of CBC Entrepreneurs

  • Elaboration of a seminar for stakeholders about exchange of Know How for strengthening CBC entrepreneurship (PB2, PB3, PB4, PB5)
  • Elaboration of a workshop for entrepreneurs about preparation and participation at trade fairs (PB4, PB5)
  • Organization of a seminar about Digital Marketing tools (PB3)
  • Organization of Training seminar on export & international trade (PB4, PB5)
  • Transfer business visits (All Beneficiaries)

WP5: Marketing & Digital Support

  • Development of a digital trade platform for CBC synergies, trainings, exchange of know-how, business opportunities, B2B meetings (PB3)
  • Development of a mobile app (PB3)
  • Mentoring to entrepreneurs for digital Marketing and extroversion (LB, PB2)
  • Brand Identity for CBC entrepreneurship (PB3)

WP6: Organization of Mobile Fairs in CBC area

  • Fair mobile infrastructure (LB, PB2)
  • Organization of a Local Fair in GR – preparation and implementation (LB, PB4)
  • Organization of a Local Fair in BG – preparation and implementation (LB, PB4, PB5)
  • Organization of a Common cross border Fair in GR (LB, PB2, PB3,PB4)
  • B2B network events in parallel with Local Fairs (PB3, PB4,PB5)